Client X

I had my baby almost 6 years ago, still have the baby weight, yes pathetic, I know. Add in 10 years at a full time stressful job, working out but not really working out (basically sweat free), Oreos were a basic food group, and just life in general. Yup, all excuses, not very good ones but they were the ones that got me through the entire bag of M&M’s in one night. Not the small one at CVS, I’m talking about the Costco size. I was on the vicious cycle of “Oh, I’ll start my diet tomorrow or I was so good today, I had a salad” (drenched in dressing but no one has to know that, my dirty little secret).

I would dream about fitting back into my skinny Seven for all Mankind jeans that sit way at the top of my closet. I often look up at the pre-child section of my closet and wish that one day I will be able to move them off the top shelf. Along with many other coveted pieces of clothing that I used to wear.

I would get so depressed about my weight that I would comfort myself by eating (beyond stupid, I know). There is that vicious cycle popping up again. It was never ending. I labeled myself as an emotional eater. Of course my husband would say “when did you get your psychology degree?” He didn’t get it or me. He can eat a meal as big as a dinosaur and not have to worry. I look at a potato chip and I pack on a pound. At one point I weighed 5 pounds less then him, I wanted to die of embarrassment. He was so encouraging whenever I started a new diet that turned me into a raving bitch because I was starving or would talk to me sternly when I was seriously contemplating taking up smoking and drinking coffee. Even though I had his support 200% it still never helped.

Every day I would wake up motivated that “today was going to be the day I begin my new life.” But something always threw me off my game. Was it the late night at work munchies? The “so tired” Tuesdays? The half of slice of pizza my son would leave on his plate? (I couldn’t let that go to waste, my grandmother hated wasted food). I couldn’t understand why my jeans were not fitting and leggings were my new best friend. Basically everything derailed me. But what I started to realize (a little too late) was that the only thing that was stopping me was ME. I was sick of being the way I was. I wanted to change it so badly but I never knew what diet, workout, or trainer would work for me. I was a cheater, an easy way outer and a quitter. Until I met Alex. I’m not the most trusting person and certainly not the most open, hence Client X, but I can’t even begin to describe how much I have changed in 5 weeks of knowing him. Let me break it down for you in the most simple terms. I have lost 8 pounds in 1 month. I have more energy, I have a new outlook on life, I’m happier, and most importantly I feel good about myself. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the hardest things I have done, I miss cheese and pasta (Alex diagnosed me as gluten and dairy allergic, none of the past trainers ever did) and sweets like mad. His workouts are hard and he is all business. He could care less about making small talk between sets because guess what? There is no in between sets! You keep moving. He is tough but he knows exactly what he is doing. We had a few rough goings, not gonna lie but I have never ever believed that this could happen to me and it is truly all because of him. I owe him more than he will ever know.

Enough about the past, moving towards the future and by that I mean I will keep you up to date on my progress, diet and a typical workout with Alex. Some days it will be fun and some days I may slip up but I want you to come on this journey with me because if I can do it you can do it.

Client X