About Alexander

P.E.P.P.E.R.’s creator Alexander holds himself to the highest of standards. He brings a confidence and knowledge about the principles of physical conditioning that one can only learn through years of actual practice. As a teenager, Alexander had the privilege of being mentored by three time Olympian Radomir Kovacevic for his strength and conditioning training. Due to his hard work and dedication, Alexander was also scouted to play baseball at the professional level.

15 years later and Alexander is still infatuated with everything involving athletics.
Seeking innovative techniques, Alexander spent several years Privately Training internationally in some of the greatest cities in the world (Berlin, Paris, London…)
It is through these and his past experiences that Alexander developed his non-conventional perspective and method to his teachings.
Currently working out of Manhattan as one of it’s premier and top producing trainers; Alexander’s clients range from professional athletes, top wall street financiers, and New York’s every day fitness enthusiasts.

P.E.P.P.E.R. wants to make it very clear that we welcome anyone interested in making real change, whatever the level.

“As much as I love the rewards from my own hard work and dedication; I find even greater pleasure in helping others realize lasting healthy changes in their own lives. I believe that our “Physical Selves” are designed specifically to adapt and to be versatile. Having said that, I believe that every “Body” has the ability to drastically change and the ability to attain those changes quickly. I hope to enable all my clients to live a more Healthy, Confident and Physically Empowered lifestyle. I believe a healthier “You” changes more than just your “Looks”, it will improve your quality of life as a whole.”