“Stronger? Check. Faster? Oh heck yeah. Better? On top of the world…. After 10 years of training, and many, many trainers, you would think I wouldn’t have had much room to grow. But then I started working with Alexander and I’ve never looked back. My skills and strength have improved drastically, but what is more important is that I’ve found a trainer who is truly invested in everything I do. A trainer who will go out of his way to make sure I’m getting what I need from him, and who will constantly push me past my own obstacles. I’m a PEPPER for life.”

Bryn M.
General Manager
Erika Bloom Pilates

“8 pounds 1 month. Nuff said. There is no better trainer than Alex.”

Jennifer H.
Photography Director
Us Magazine

“Being a competitive athlete in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I began to notice deficiencies in my game that I felt were a result of improper body mechanics and conditioning.”
“Alex helped me identify where I was lacking in my performance and designed a routine that gave me the competitive edge that I needed.”
“Alex is not only a professional and knowledgable trainer, but most importantly he’s a person who has believed in the best of me and helped me hit my physical peak”
“He’s a dedicated and passionate individual who is always in your corner and ready to help you achieve your goals.”

Emily K.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt / World and Pan Am Champion

“Alex pushed me to my limit and beyond. Extremely encouraging and supportive. I did exercises and moved muscles I didn’t even know existed! His nutrition plan and regime are stellar and give amazing results. Not to mention he has an awesome personality”

Bridget Barkan
Vocalist Scissor Sisters

“I trained with Alexander over the summer and he got me into the best shape of my life!  I had spent months working out on my own before meeting Alexander, but was plateauing a bit and losing some of my motivation. Alexander designed a custom workout plan for me that was geared towards my specific exercise goals. Within a few weeks I could already notice the fantastic results.”

“Alexander is really a fitness expert. He has an amazing understanding of the proper techniques for various exercises. For example, the incline bench press has always been an important part of my routine, but Alexander showed me some subtle but extremely important ways to tweak my form to make the exercise even more beneficial. He clearly practices what he preaches and is in great shape, which lends a lot of credibility to his advice. Finally, Alexander has great positive energy and a fun sense of humor. Our workouts were really intense but really fun as well.”

“All in all, I loved working out with Alexander and would strongly recommend him to anyone. He is a great guy, he has amazing fitness knowledge, and he will work his hardest to help you reach your exercise goals.”

Stewart H.
Ivy League Grad Student

“Alex is the first trainer I have had that feels truly invested in my success. He focuses on my overall health and well being with the other members of his team.”
“Whatever I need, Alex has as part of P.E.P.P.E.R.”
“Alex recognizes my full potential and pushes me there, it’s great to have him with me every step of the way.”

Stacey S.

“Alex really works together with the client to achieve individual goals. He personalizes training sessions and really gets involved and tracks progress. He is tough but also very receptive to particular issues I’ve had with certain exercises. I started training with Alex after my daughter was born to loose baby weight. He took into consideration all potential problems that come with post-partum training. I have lost 20 lbs in two months and looking forward to more progress in the months to come.”
Yanina D.

“Alex is a great at pushing and motivating you in achieving you personal fitness goals. I never thought working out would be fun. With Alex, I look forward to every session, even as early as 6:00 a.m.”
Dmitri P.

Husband and Wife

“I am an athlete at heart whose body couldn’t keep up. Alex has not only found innovative and cautious ways to get around my herniated disc but provide an intense full body workout . he has created a symbiotic relationship between my heart and body. He makes me want to challenge myself in all aspects of health in order to be at my best. Workouts are not only challenging but they are fun. Yes I said fun!!”

Niko H.
Tv News Producer

“As someone who never really liked working out before, the best thing about training with Alex, was that I enjoyed myself, so it never felt like a chore. Not only were the sessions fun and engaging, but Alex educated me about health, nutrition and exercising so that I was able to apply changes to my daily routines. He gave me the tools to understand my body and what routines would help me achieve the look and feel I wanted. He also showed me how much my body can achieve if I just have the determination. I cannot recommend him highly enough. It will definitely have a positive effect on the way you look and feel.”

Davina Dummer
Malisa Theatre Academy